29 de septiembre de 2009

Best Marketing Tips

1. Keeping Customers With Good Customer Service
Successful companies provide proactive customer service. Proactive customers service leads to increased business and loyalty.

2. Anticipate Everything
Please your customers by knowing what they'll appreciate before they know it.

3. Why People Buy
When you sell a product it's not only important to know who bought it, but also why they bought. Why they were motivated to buy your product over your competitor's product.

4. Limited Time For Motivation
A limited time offer can often move the skeptic and procrastinator from prospect to customer. Because putting a drop dead date on an offer frequently will move that hesitant person to action.

5. Following Up On Customers
What is the BIGGEST mistake made in marketing? This mistake is made by 99% of the companies marketing products or services.

6. The Cluster Principle
People with similar demographic and psychographic profiles have a tendency to cluster together in the same geographic areas. Companies do the same.

7. Yellow Pages Strategy
Display ads in the Yellow Pages are different from those in most other publications since they are in customers' hands for a full year.

8. Boosting Your B-to-B Sales
Here are a few tips to help you improve response to your business-to-business direct mail.

9. Benefit Based Customer Focus
Begin evaluating every corporate task, policy and strategy relative to the actual amount of benefit the customer will receive.

10. Marketing Tips To Remember
Here are a few marketing tips to keep in mind when you're considering launching a new campaign.

11. Continuity In The Marketplace
You need to be in the marketplace on a regular, continuing, and ongoing basis. Not necessarily the same amount every week or every month, but on a regular basis.

12. To successfully market a product or service, you must first position your company in relation to the competition. Know how you want your company, product or service to be perceived by customers.

13. Commandments Of A Successful Entrepreneurship
So you're planning to start a new business, huh? Here's a few things to consider before venturing out on that financial limb.

14. Is Your Loyalty Program In A Rut
The objective of any loyalty program is to establish long-term relationships with customers so that they count on the program as they would a trusted friend.

15. Product Based Customer Focus
Begin evaluating every product development, product extension, product enhancement, and product revision activity in terms of actual customer purchases those activities will create.

16. On Ad Recognition
Advertisements bearing an 800-phone number are usually noticed by 20% more people than those lacking one.

17. Generation Y Lists
The teen market is growing in a big way, and today's teens are ready to buy through the mail. When introducing a product to the teen market, direct mailers will encounter several problems when making their list selections.

18. The Brand Name Game
The difference between a good brand name and a disaster isn't always clear. In addition to capturing the attention of customers, the name must be easily pronounceable and free of negative connotation in foreign languages.

19. Testing Your 800 Number
Although the 800 number has proved its worth over and over again, yours may be the exceptional circumstance. Why not find out?

20. Avoid The Trade Show Burnout
Working an exhibit is akin to a performance, and reps can't sustain energy without proper conditioning and techniques.

21. Maximizing Leads
Here are a few ideas that'll help you maximize your sales leads, and transform them from prospects into customers.

22. Only Seconds Till Impact
Creating an exhibit that makes an impression and that has stopping power is achieved via two important ingredients: booth structure and exhibit graphics.

23. Full Circle Strategy Improves Profit
The basic principle is that best prospects will always closely resemble your best customers. The best place to start is to analyze your customer base and determine key traits held in common by your top customers.

24. Profitable Catalog Marketing On The Internet
A few ideas on how to more effectively market your catalog online.

25. Don't Be Afraid To Go After Large Accounts
Although large accounts present special challenges, they are far from unapproachable.

26. Learn About Your Non-Buyers
Too many marketers spend all their research time and money learning who their buyers are and why they act as they do.

27. Know Thy Product & Prospect
Do you know what you are selling? That is to say, are you familiar describing it to a customer, in user's terms, in intimate detail?

28. Break Your Competitors Grip
You've probably run into prospects who are so comfortable with your competitor and his products that they won't even consider making a switch.

29. Points To Remember About Offers

Here are a few points to remember when you're creating your next direct marketing offer.

30. Free Is The Key
You should always present the offer as something of value and something of importance. Free is the key.

31. Review The Basics After A "No"
The buyer said "no." Now what do you do? Review the basics, because the basics will lead you to success.

32. Matching The List To The Offer
Offer and list must match. That is, the person receiving your mailing must be a logical perspective buyer.

33. Psychological Triggers To Target
Consumer's behavior is often consistent with their previous decisions. Therefore, if a customer says "yes" to an offer, make another offer that relates to the first.

34. How Important Is The Offer
How important is the offer? If you look at most direct mail pieces you receive - the offer doesn't seem to very important at all. Many either have no offer, a weak offer, or they hide the offer instead of making it the hero of the package.

35. Don't Take No For An Answer
Continue to "talk" to your prospects even after they say no. Often a "no" is really a "no now." Prospects sometimes say "no" just because the timing is wrong.

36. Ten Tips To Communicate With Force
Here are ten tips to get your message across effectively to your target audience.

37. Use Cross-Overs With Other Companies
Maybe you don’t pay enough attention to this powerful marketing technique. It is so simple, many companies just don’t put any faith into its true power.

38. Identifying Your Best Customers
The best prospects on any consumer list are those who make frequent purchases in significant amounts

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